Lake Tutira, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Lake Tutira

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Lake Tutira, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

View of Lake Tutira, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Lake Tutira is 200 ha in area and is stocked annually. it now holds Loch Leven browns and ‘r’ type rainbow trout. The adjoining Lake Waikopiro also holds fish.

In the cooler months there is some very good shoreline fishing. In summer, the majority of fish are caught from a boat or float tube as fish tend to go deeper in the warmer months of the year. Fish are difficult to spot from the shore.

The western shore is willow-fringed and can only be fished from a boat. However, the other shores are clear for casting. Wading is safe except for the northern end of the lake, which has a close, steep drop off.

Use a slow sinking or floating line and try damsel and dragon fly imitations including Woolly Bugger and Hamills Killer. Small lightly weighted nymphs slowly retrieved between the weed beds will also pick up fish.

Season: open all year.

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