Ruakituri River Closing Weekend With Karol & Christof

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The high light of the weekend must have been the spawning Brown trout only 2/3 metres from us and Karol catching his 4.5 lb rainbow…

Not the boozzie night Karol inflicted on us all, even though a great time was had, thank-you Karol and Chrisstof…

For the last 4 days this had to be the best place in the world…


Nice fish Karol




Richard being taken off back to Hastings, the fishing presure just a little to much for the old ticker…

Roll on next season…

Catch record

  • Friday
  • 2x caught & released
  • 3x hooked & droped
  • Saturday
  • 3x caught & released
  • 5x hooked & droped
  • Sunday
  • 2x caught & released
  • 8x hooked & droped
  • Monday
  • 2x hooked & droped

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