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Fly Fish or Spin Fish with the Davey boys and E2’s Way for the ellusive and powerful Bonefish and giant GT’s in one of the world’s top Bonefishing destinations…

Itu Davey has extensive knowledge of the amazing Aitutaki Lagoon and flats, he has an unbelievable ability to spot fish and guide you to hook up.

Itu Davey head guide

Itu Davey head guide

In a 2009 bonefish sport fishing feasibility study for Aitutaki the renowned fly-fishing specialist Herlé Hamon said:

“Of all of the people we met during our visit, Itu Davey was the one who displayed the best talents for and the most interest in working as a fly-fishing guide. He has excellent knowledge of the lagoon and the fish’s habits as well as very good eyesight… Etu has all the abilities needed to become an excellent fishing guide…” — Herlé Hamon, Fly-fishing specialist

Itu Davey and his twin brothers Rua & Tia come from generations of fisherman with there father Richard Davey being a retired commercial Bone fisherman before the introduction of new government Protection and Regulation laws governing the Aitutaki Bonefish fishery.

Guide Rua Davey poling the Aitutaki lagoon

Guide Rua Davey poling the Aitutaki lagoon

Tia Davey twin brother of Rua with massive Gaint Travelly

Tia Davey twin brother of Rua with massive Gaint Travelly

The mighty E2 Fishing Fleet

The mighty E2 Fishing Fleet, Aitutaki, Cook Islands

“To experience the beautiful environment that is the Cook Islands, there is no better way than to be taken on a bonefishing charter by an experienced guide. You’ll need a guide with a keen eye for spotting, good knowledge on the flats and shallows, and his own authorised Bonefish Guide License.

An experienced and licensed guide can make your bonefishing experience one to remember. There are many factors to consider when going after bonefish, and one of them is your safety. A licensed bonefishing guide has a Red Cross Certificate, a Boat Master’s Certificate and Tourism Cook Islands official support and accreditation”. –– Finding the Right Guide, courtesy

Itu Davey and the E2’s Way bonefishing guides have extensive knowledge of the flats and legendary fish spotting ability to help tip the odds in your favor and create an exciting day out on the lagoon!

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