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Fly fishing for trout with Tony Hildesheim will get your blood racing as you battle New Zealand’s famous and wily fighting trout in the picturesque North Island back country.

Tony has been fly fishing for over 40 years, and has provided professional guided trout fishing services for over 16 years.

In addition to trout fishing, Tony is an experienced saltwater fishing skipper, guiding saltwater fly fishing trips, sports fishing charters and Bonefishing trips. And when the fish aren’t biting he can be found working part-time in the fresh water department of our local Hunting & Fishing store Guns and Tackle in Napier. When he is not fishing or in the shop, he can be found at his home beside the sea in sunny Haumoana Hawke’s Bay.

My fly fishing obsession started back in the 70’s, where as a student in forms 1/2 at Lindisfarne College High school Hastings, we had Mr Tony Orman as our Fly Fishing Club teacher, our favorite subject off course. Looking back now and reading some of Tony’s early Trout Fishing books really make you appreciate what a great era it was with the introduction of Nymph fishing and with Tony Orman at the forefront of its introduction.

My father, Bert is also a very keen trout fisherman. I still have many very fond memories of in my school days, him taking a friend and I up to the old Sandy Creek river mouth delta at the northern end of Lake Tutira, where 8 to 10 trout being hooked in a day were not uncommon.

With New Zealand having so many excellent rivers and such nice undeveloped countryside, I see great potential for me to build-up the trout fishing side of my business. It really gives me a real buzz to take customers to some of the most beautiful rivers in the world and for them to catch and release that wonderful fish the “Trout”.



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