Every accommodation option is available in Hawke’s Bay from luxury lodges and self-contained cottages to hotels, motels, camping grounds, Bed & Breakfast’s and homestays.
We can arrange and quote your accommodation as part of your complete fishing package. There is a variety of accommodation that we can recommend to you in Hawkes Bay.

Or backpacker accommodation staying with guide Tony Hildesheim at his home on the beach in Haumoana Hawkes Bay

Book or Enquire about the Fishing Accommodation in Hawkes Bay today!

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  1. Laura


    This request may seem a little strange, but I thought you might have a few ideas for me. My name is Laura, and my fiancé David and I got engaged earlier this year. We would love to have our wedding ceremony along the TukiTuki River, as it means something special to us both, but are struggling to find a location within our budget. I wonder if you would have a list of contacts who might allow us to use their property, only for the ceremony as we are having the reception closer to town. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a commercial property, perhaps just someone willing to allow us access for a riverside ceremony.

    Thank you for your help.

    Warmest regards,
    Laura Marinus

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