Go Trout Fishing this Opening Day

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Friday, 28 September 2007,
Press Release: nzfishing.com

For many New Zealanders, the most important day of the year is the first of October. This is the day the long-awaited trout fishing season begins on most New Zealand’s rivers and lakes.

For weeks prior to this day big decisions are being made, with the most pressing being, where to fish on that all-important first day of the new season. In the past the outcome was usually based on previous experience. But now, by logging into the huge new website www.nzfishing.com, anglers can discover new waters prior to donning their waders at 5am on that special morning. On nzfishing.com literally hundreds of lakes and rivers throughout the country are described from an angling perspective, complete with maps, the relevant regulations, and information about the type of fishing to expect. And included in the news and reports is the latest information about didymo and how to stop it spreading further.

Already many thousands of anglers log on to the site every week as they check the conditions on the waters they hope to finish and use the site to explore potential new fishing areas. “nzfishing.com is a web site for anglers designed by anglers”, says Doug Stevens, the originator of the idea. “It is fast, easy to use and navigate and is the complete resource about the fantastic fishing that can be found throughout the country”, he added. The site gets rave reviews from anglers, the latest being “the information you provide and way it can be accessed is brilliant…this site is a dream.”

From finding that small, secluded stream that holds some large elusive brown trout through to knowing where and when to fish the more popular rivers such as the Tongariro, www.nzfishing.com is a complete angler’s resource. “It is growing rapidly”, says Beverley Stevens, the web designer. “Just over six months ago nzfishing.com did not register in the top 50,000 on Google. Now for the most common searches about fishing in New Zealand, nzfishing.com comes at or near the top”.

Many businesses associated with the angling tourism industry have recognized the strength of being associated with nzfishing.com, including top guides such as Tony Entwistle and Zane Mirfin at strikeAdventure, and fishing lodges such as Anglers Retreat in the Taupo area. Now nzfishing.com is the one stop shop for all angling needs. Anyone planning a trip can research the rivers according to the type of fishing they prefer, find accommodation in their price range and in some areas even find restaurants that will cook their catch. “From knowing which flies work best on a particular water, through to chartering a helicopter or booking a remote riverside bach or luxury fishing lodge, it is all there on www.nzfishing.com”, says Mr Stevens.


– See www.nzfishing.com