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Bay of Plenty Report

The area in which I generally fish ie anywhere between the Motu and the Rangitaikei is like everywhere else or so it seems is suffering from low water levels in all rivers but hey the fishing is just great with the vast majority of fish lying in the fast ripples and runs where the water is much more oxygenated so its very much a case of seek and you will find.

Now to get a bit more specific the Motu is producing very good browns along the entire stretch of the upper river but boy these lunkers are camera shy if the approach is anything but ultra cautious but the hard graft is really worth the effort advice keep a Cicada and a n Elk hair caddis pattern handy.

The Waioweka and its tribs are the pick of the bunch as far as I am concerned we’ve had magnificent fishing for many weeks now both from nymphing and dryfly.

The Waimana and the Whakatane are fishing well and not receiving much angling pressure and are well worth a visit.

The Rangitaikei and the Whirinaki are fishing exceptonally well to all methods with the forrest sections being the pick on both rivers.

The lakes in the area have all been inundated with anglers over the hols but most are a bit more peaceful now and a goodtime to pay a visit.
Dont be too put off by the reports you’ve read about algae blooms in several of the rivers just be careful and sensible when considering where you choose to fish.

Would believe and hallelujah as I write this report(18 th Jan) rain is forcast for the weekend just as I’ve organised a 3 day trip up the Gorge bugger but then I suppose that’s fishing.