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The Mohaka River originates in the Kaimanawa ranges and flows out to the sea between Napier and Wairoa. It is formed by the headwater tributaries, Oamaru, Kaipo and Taharua, and comprises endless kilometres of fishable water.

The upper reaches of the Mohaka River provides a near perfect natural environment with high water quality and supports high populations of large brown trout.

Both rainbow and brown trout are present, the abundance of spawning tributaries in the upper reaches of the Mohaka River creates ideal areas for producing lots of wild trout the river is famous for. The trout are generally in excellent condition and some very large specimens are present.

Parts of the Mohaka River are fairly accessible by vehicle or four-wheel drive.

Fishing Season: Above the Mangatainoka confluence, 1 Oct-30 April. Below this confluence, but excluding all tributaries, the river is open for fishing all year.

Trout fly fishing on the Mohaka River Hawkes Bay NZ
Mohaka River, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

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