2020/2021 North Island Sports Fishing Regulations

North Island Sports Fishing Regulations 2020/21

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Fish and Game NZ have published the 2020/2021 North Island Sports Fishing Regulations, which are now available online, including sections covering Hawkes Bay south from the Mohaka River and northern Hawkes Bay falling under the Eastern section.


These regulations are set to ensure that:

– fish populations are maintained and that the number of fish caught does not threaten the sustainability of the fishery

– the quality of the fishing experience is maintained

– spawning areas are protected

– angling opportunities are not unnecessarily restricted

– incompatible methods of fishing are kept separate

– anglers use sporting methods.

Extract from 2020/2021 North Island Sports Fishing Regulations (page 4)


Hawke’s Bay offers a huge range of angling opportunities, with some of the best and easiest access in the country. The region’s rivers provide some spectacular headwater fishing as well as year-round lowland angling.

Lake Tutira is the major lake fishery in the region and is stocked with Tarawera sourced fish annually. These fish grow quickly during the summer and provide excellent sport to both shore-based and rowboat trolling anglers.

The major river systems in the region are the Mohaka, Tutaekuri, Ngaruroro, Waipawa and Tukituki, all of which have comprehensive angler access pamphlets to assist anglers (see below).

Both brown and rainbow trout are prevalent throughout the region.

The dry fly fishing on the Tukituki, along with its many tributaries is a major attraction during the heat of the summer months as fish feed on the surface.

The Ngaruroro and Mohaka River headwater wilderness fisheries are nationally rated and offer anglers the chance to catch trophy-sized fish in gin-clear waters.

The middle and lower reaches of the region’s rivers are easily accessible from a variety of public roads and provide anglers with vast amounts of fishable water.

Angler access pamphlet list

Comprehensive angler access pamphlets are available from licence agents, information centres, Fish and Game offices and the web for the following waters.

– Tukituki/Waipawa Rivers and tributaries
– Ngaruroro River Fishery
– Mohaka River Fishery
– Tutaekuri River Fishery
– Northern Hawke’s Bay/Tutira Lake Fisheries

Extract from 2020/2021 North Island Sports Fishing Regulations (page 31)

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