John and McKinzie with Tukituki River rainbow trout

About trout fly fishing the Tukituki River

Grumpy McMurdo General

The Tukituki River is the most frequently fished and accessible river in Hawkes Bay. The river originates in the Ruahine Range behind Waipukurau, flowing across Hawkes Bay for 80km, before entering the sea at Haumoana.

Extensive areas of natural spawning and some very good spawning tributaries create a productive wild rainbow and brown trout fishery. The rainbow trout dominate the fishery, but brown’s are still present in good numbers.

You will find a wide variety of angling experiences on the Tukituki River, from still water dry fly fishing in the summer to fast water nymphing. The river increases in size rapidly below the confluence with the Waipawa River.

The Tukituki River is renowned for the mayfly and caddis hatches in the summer months, with the rise being of short duration but high intensity.

Fishing Season: 1 Oct-30 June Open all year below state highway 50

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