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About trout fly fishing the Tutaekuri River

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The headwaters of the Tutaekuri River drain the Kaweka Range, the middle reaches cross the Heretaunga Plains through the outskirts of Taradale, the lower reaches enter the sea in conjunction with the Ngaruroro River just south of Napier.

This medium size river supports a productive and exciting wild rainbow and brown trout fishery. The scenery is varied and pleasant with the full range of fishing experiences from waters very close to the city to a more remote and challenging upper reaches and tributaries.

Trout average, 1 to 1.5kg in weight, with a good number of 2 to 3kg fish available, especially in the lower reaches where sea run brown trout often dwell.

Public access points:  Omaranui Road, Springfield Road, Hakowhai, Dartmoor, Mangaone, HB Cycle Trails. 

Fishing Season: Above the Mangaone Stream confluence, 1 Oct-30 April. Below open all year.

Tutaekuri River in Hawkes Bay NZ
Tutaekuri River in Hawkes Bay NZ

EXTRACT: Tutaekuri River

The Tutaekuri like most of the region’s rivers predominately holds more rainbow trout than brown trout, however, spring is a great time to target the big brownies around the river mouth, as they will be feeding on whitebait around this time. From the river mouth upstream to the expressway bridge, the river is single channelled and deep making for good wetline fishing. The river upstream from the bridge is braided and often changes course, making it sometimes difficult to know where to fish, creating challenging but rewarding angling. From Dartmoor to above the Managtutu confluence the river is less braided, as it is confined between high terraces creating more pools and shallow runs, making spot fishing a lot easier. The upper reaches can be quite demanding as the river navigates between steep ranges and around large boulders, but the rewards to be found for the adventurous angler are great. Fishing ends on this river above the Lawrence Hut with waterfalls being the end for both fish and angler.

Extract from Fish & Game’s Fishing Locations and Access

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