A young Marcus Hildeshiem is seen here holding a nice trophy brown trout from the Tukituki River in Hawkes Bay New Zealand.

Holidays saw a surge in kids fishing

Grumpy McMurdo General

Fishing is a great activity for parents looking to do something different to entertain their children over the summer.

We noticed a surge of interest in fishing during the school holidays, with parents and children making the most of the great summer weather to get out on the water following the season-opening last week.

The new freshwater fishing season started October 1, which was perfect timing for parents looking for a boredom buster for their kids.

Mums and dads are increasingly frustrated at the amount of time their kids spend on screens, particularly over the school holidays.

It’s great to hear that many children and families have been getting into some healthy outdoor activity this break, and lots have been having success too with good catches reported.

We have noticed an increase in family angling activity and interest, It has been unseasonably settled this summer providing the perfect opportunity to get kids outside.

I also think, post-lock-down, many people are not simply taking outdoor pursuits for granted the way they perhaps did just a year ago.

From a personal perspective, I get a great sense of well-being from spending time fishing with my family. We don’t always have to catch something, it’s just a relaxing pursuit that lets you temporarily escape the pressures of life.

I encourage parents to make the most of the remaining summer, as well as the forecast settled weekend weather, to get kids engaged in “the ultimate boredom buster.

Kids love fishing when given the opportunity and the great thing about living in New Zealand is that everyone lives close to a river or stream with trout in it.

Children under 12 can fish for free and for larger family groups the Family Season Licence is awesome value for money.

Children under 12 can fish for licence-free and for larger family groups the Family Season Licence is awesome value for money.

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