Flyfishing DVD’s

A collection of outstanding and inspirational Saltwater and Freshwater Fly Fishing DVD’s available though Gin-Clear media. All DVD’s are highly recommended by River Fishing New Zealand. To purchase on line please visit where Nick Reygaert will only be to please to take your order or call Guns and Tackle Napier the local Hunting and Fishing Store on 06 8359016…

The Search – Tahiti: An epic adventure into the remote Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia in search of monster Bonefish. Hitch a ride on freighter ships and local fishing boats to uninhabited islands with Nick Reygaert and friends on this compelling voyage of discovery and conservation. RRP: $39.95
The Seach- Tahiti

Green Tide: New Zealands long awaited Saltwater Fly Fishing DVD, Another kiwi classic and the first NZ Swoffs production.You thought it was a trout fishers paradise. Wait until you see this! finally a production that shows the ture extent of New Zealand as the ultimate anglers El Dorado. RRP: $ 39.95
Green Tide

Running Down The Man: The film documents the story of one mans quest to catch massive Roosterfish from the beaches of Baja, Mexico.
RRP: $ 32
Running Down The Man

Soulfish: Soulfish is an adventure to the furthermost corners of the globe in seach of the soul of fly fishing. Explore Mongolia, Brazilian Amazon, Floride Keys, Gulf of Mexico and Christmas Island with Mikey Weir and friends in their global wandering. RRP: $39.95

Fishizzle: Amusing story about the misadventures of an Alaskan fishing guide who has to return to civilization after a boat accident. Lots of big rainbow trout and salmon action. RRP: $ 29.95

Fish Bum 1 – Mongolia: An AEG adventure film is packed with extraordinary footage with never before seen river systems hidden deep within the remote reaches of inner Mongolia. RRP: $ 48.95
Fish Bum 1

Trout Bum Diaries – Patagonia: Experience the journey, adventure, and lifestyle of four trout bums on an epic five monthfly fishing expedition across Patagonia. Enter a new breed of fly fishing entertainment. RRP: $ 40

Trout Bum Diaries – Kiwi Camo: In this installment, the usual suspects of the angling exploration group take you on a hair-curling 4 month expodition into New Zealands shadowland as they attempt to seduce the worlds largest brown trout. RRP: $ 44.95

A Foam Odyssey: A fly-tying rock’n’roll fish catching frency. A story of Stu Tripney and his fantastic foam bionic flies. Covering 9 of Stu’s freshwater and saltwater patterns, you have never seen foam used in so many ways.
RRP: $ 39.95

Chasing Silver: Chasing Silver is the first all access pass to the greatest show on water, Tarpon. See angling pros entice wary Tarpon into strike again and again even in a rainstorm. Or head to Key West, Florida and intercept hundreds of migrating Tarpon in sparkling Keys waters. RRP: $ 64.95

Chasing Silver – Location X: No maps. No GPS coordinates. Just the finest Tarpon fishing ever caught on film. We blindfold world class anglers. Fly them in. Drive then to the water and share shocking footage of unwary Tarpon swimming at the boat in clear water daring us to cast a fly. RRP: $ 47

Destination Trout – New Zealand: The ultimate trout flyfishing DVD. An epic journey through the very best of Aotearoa’s trout angling destination.
RRP: $ 39.95