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Hawkes Bay has a great diversity of trout fishing locations with extensive river fishing opportunities making it a popular fly fishing destination.

Top trout fishing flies for Hawkes Bay
Top trout fishing flies for Hawkes Bay waters
The essential trout flies listed here are our favourite flies and should provide an excellent base for trout fishing Hawkes Bay rivers, streams and lakes. The general principles for fly…
Ruakituri River fly fishing for trout with River Fishing NZ
About trout fly fishing the Ruakituri River
For overnight or multi-night guided trout fly fishing trips we highly recommend visiting the famous Ruakituri River in northern Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Angling on the river is restricted to…
John and McKinzie with Tukituki River rainbow trout
About trout fly fishing the Tukituki River
The Tukituki River is the most frequently fished and accessible river in Hawkes Bay. The river originates in the Ruahine Range behind Waipukurau, flowing across Hawkes Bay for 80km, before…
Learn fly casting with Tony Hildesheim
To increase success rates, being able to consistently cast a short to medium-length line and have the ability to mend your fly line to create the longest possible drag-free drift…
2020/2021 North Island Sports Fishing Regulations
North Island Sports Fishing Regulations 2020/21
Fish and Game NZ have published the 2020/2021 North Island Sports Fishing Regulations, which are now available online, including sections covering Hawkes Bay south from the Mohaka River and northern…
About trout fly fishing the Rangitaiki River
About trout fly fishing the Rangitaiki River
The upper Rangitaiki River is within the Kaiangaroa Forest and a Fletcher Challenge Forest access permit is required. The Otamatea and Dry Fly creeks can be accessed from Eastern Boundary…
Trout fly fishing at Lake Waikaremoana Hawkes Bay NZ
About trout fishing at Lake Waikaremoana
Waikaremoana is one of the most scenic and untouched places in New Zealand. This bush-lined lake in the Urewera National Park was created by a giant landslide 2000 years ago.…
Lorenzo Pesola fly fishing a small Hawkes Bay stream
About trout fly fishing the Ngaruroro River
The Ngaruroro River is located in the eastern North Island of New Zealand and runs southeast from the Kaweka Range then east before emptying into Hawke Bay ten kilometres south…
ly fishing Mohaka River NZ
About trout fly fishing the Mohaka River
The Mohaka River originates in the Kaimanawa ranges and flows out to the sea between Napier and Wairoa. It is formed by the headwater tributaries, Oamaru, Kaipo and Taharua, and…
Catherine from USA fishing the upper Tutaekuri River NZ
About trout fly fishing the Tutaekuri River
The headwaters of the Tutaekuri River drain the Kaweka Range, the middle reaches cross the Heretaunga Plains through the outskirts of Taradale, the lower reaches enter the sea in conjunction…
Trout fishing glossary
Essential New Zealand trout fishing terms
If words like dropper, harling, hatch and tippet have you scratching your head, read on. 5-weight – the weight of a line according to the AFTMA rating system, measured by…
Chasing trout in Hawkes Bay with River Fishing NZ
Chasing Trout with guide Tony Hildesheim
Videographer and keen angler Simon Mead’s epic 2017 adventure ‘Chasing trout in Hawkes Bay’ with expert local fly fishing guide Tony Hildesheim. Great trip, great trout, great memories.
View of Lake Tutira, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
About trout fly fishing at Lake Tutira
Hawkes Bay’s Lake Tutira is 200ha in total area and is stocked annually. It now holds Loch Leven brown trout and ‘r’ type rainbow trout. The adjoining Lake Waikopiro also…
Hawkes Bay river levels and flows
Hawkes Bay river levels and flows
The Hawkes Bay Regional Council provides a wonderful service for local trout fishermen. The council’s surface water network consists of automatic water level recording stations throughout Hawkes Bay, including all our…
Ruakituri River brown trout.
About New Zealand brown trout
Brown trout were imported from Europe in 1867 and is still considered an exotic fish by some. To spot a brown trout, look for a pale olive-brown, elongate trout with…
Analysing the situation
Analysing the fly fishing situation
There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from successfully analysing the fishing situation and working out the best technique and tackle to use. On the typical New Zealand…

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